Ten Ways to Refine Your Recruitment

April 2021
Recruitment is an often over-looked component of small businesses even though employee salaries are often the greatest expense the company faces. Additionally, the knowledge, experience and productivity of an organization’s employees can have a significant impact on its profitability. In many cases, it pays to have the right talent in place as your company grows. Not spending the time up front to recruit top talent can stall progress and decrease profits as you expand.

Let’s jump right in with ten tips to finding top talent:

1. Work assessments into your hiring process
This will help address the realistic likelihood that hiring is not exactly your skill du jour- assessments are a great way to analyze your candidates and build structure into your process.
2. Keep tabs on your internal talent pipeline- pay attention!

​​​​​​​Your best talent may be right under your nose, but it’s up to you to recognize and ensure strengths are being best applied.
3. Invest in technology/apps/programs instead of hiring.

​​​​​​​Shrink your hiring needs down to the most vital.
4. Consider using HR tech to help you with the process.

​​​​​​​It’s okay to call in reinforcements (without the need to hire an HR person!)
5. Get creative with your sourcing.

​​​​​​​Instead of waiting for CV’s to come to you.
6. Consider hiring ‘potential’ over ‘qualification’.
7. If you aren’t already, employ job shadowing.

​​​​​​​Creating realistic expectations is the best way to improve retention.
8. Boost your benefits package.

​​​​​​​Studies show that in 2019 benefits are top of the list for high-quality job seekers.
9. Avoid hiring in desperation.

​​​​​​​Filling jobs just to fill them is going to cost you in the end. Try to get ahead of your needs by having a cyclical hiring system in place or leave job postings open, even when you aren’t in need.
10. Don’t limit yourself.

​​​​​​​Posting only local will dramatically limit your options- national postings are affordable, easy and open your options up. Relocation costs are not an expectation in today’s market.
Hiring has three stages: recruitment, onboarding and retention. Make sure your hiring system has a flow that makes sense and is as seamless as possible.